Roger Badia Rafart (1992, Barcelona, Spain) studied architecture at the ETSAB-UPC (Diploma 2017, with honourable mention) and ZHAW Architektur, Gestaltung und Bauingenieurwesen in Winterthur. Afterwards, he also studied in Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, worked in various architecture offices and since 2021 he is a collaborator of the HeritageDepartment of the City Council of Barcelona.

At 2017 he becomes co-founder of the rzm festival, a collective with the aim of creating ephemeral societies through art and architecture in unusual environments. After two years, he starts his career as independent designer of exhibition designs, scenographies, and art installations in collaboration with other artists. He regularly lectures and runs workshops at universities and has been member of professional juries.

01/23 Photography for Incertes SubGlòries. Núvol, Barcelona
12/22 Essay Dins per Dins. UMÁTICA, Málaga
09/22 Article Pau Barceló i l'Espectacle Revelat. Núvol, Barcelona
07/22 (ongoing) Art critic at bcn.cat/artpublic. City Council, Barcelona
12/17 Essay Wissen Fabrik. A Letter for Zürich. Atlas of Places, Zürich


08/22 Exhibition Design for Empathetic Response. Node Center, Berlín
03/22 Disseny d’una exposició itinerant per a un rei llegendari: Alfonso X e Galicia. UAB, Bellaterra
01/22 Collaborator at Construir con la Memoria workshop. ETSAB, Barcelona
10/21 Absence vs. Presence. ETSAB, Barcelona
04/19 Introducció a l'Escenografia Workshop. ETSAB, Barcelona
07/18 Collaborator at Trash Archi-Cycling Workshop.Col·lec X, Barcelona


Selection at FAD Intervencions Efímeres 2022 for Exhibition Design Picasso i les Joies d'Artista. Premis FAD, Barcelona
Selection at Emporia 2021: Al mejor montaje de una exposición efímera transportable e itinerante for Exhibition Design Alfonso X e Galicia. Veredictas, Madrid
Honourable mention at Marstopia competition (2018). Eleven Magazine, LA